Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday thoughts

Less than two days until the trial begins.
Supporters from Civil Liberty and the newly formed Christian Council of Britain have pledged to attend alongside members from the British National Party.

After yesterday's stormy weather today is a beautiful cloudless day. Even in January with so many of the trees bare on the hillsides the hills here look magnificent. There is an eerie silence amongst the family. We all know the possible outcome if things do not go well. Looking out over the field in front of the house, this is a world away from the horrors of a Victorian prison cell.

Immensely pleased at the news coming in from Texas where a group of supporters plan to hold a demonstration outside the British Consulate in Houston on Monday. Hundreds of signatures have been gathered for a petition they plan to hand over to Consulate staff.

Mark Collett phoned to say that this single act has more than anything else given him a massive boost.

Jackie calls me to lunch - it smells inviting.