Saturday, January 21, 2006

That speech.

That speech!

The full and complete footage which the BBC undercover reporter Jason Gwynne captured using hidden recording equipment of Nick Griffin addressing a private BNP meeting at Morley Town Hall in Leeds during the run up to the European Parliamentary elections.

In this speech which has been used as evidence for the prosecution, and shown to the jury in Leeds Crown Court, Nick tells the audience about the media circus over the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence and reports about allegations that he was not murdered by white racists at all, but by rival drug dealers. Nick talks about the many white victims of racist murder which in contrast to the Lawrence case; go unreported by the established media. The prosecution claim that this speech is likely to incite racial hatred and for that, if the jury find Nick guilty, he could be sentenced for up to seven year’s imprisonment.

This speech in full is now available for the entire world to download, watch and hear. Viewers can now make up their own mind if this is the kind of material that anyone should have face criminal charges, let alone the prospect of a prison sentence.


This material has been cleared by the legal team defending Nick and Mark in Leeds and we believe it is an all time first in English criminal legal history – a defendant broadcasting in its entirety an item submitted by the prosecution as evidence

Please remember that this was recorded by an undercover “reporter” working for the BBC in cahoots with Searchlight, a Marxist magazine which receives funding from various trade unions and anti-British groups. The sound quality is not brilliant and the first four minutes of the video shows Nick's legs and torso but not his head.

The footage, which weighs in at 43Mb, is suitable for broadband viewers only, can be downloaded from the BNP's website here.