Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Video footage - Keighley speech

New footage has been uploaded this morning for viewers.

This undercover material was taken by Jason Gwynne the man working for Britain's State broadcaster, the BBC, once a globally revered institution but in recent years has declined to become nothing more than the publicly funded propaganda arm of the Labour Party.

The footage includes a speech given by BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin to a private BNP meeting in Keighley in May 2004, prior to the European Parliamentary elections and the local council elections. In the speech Nick talks about the disgusting activity taking place in Keighley and other parts of West Yorkshire where Muslim paedophiles were (and still are) grooming young white girls for sexual abuse. Schoolgirls as young as 12 have been targeted, plied with alcohol and drugs and used as sexual toys by gangs of Pakistani men.

The Crown Prosecution Service claimed that the speech given by Nick Griffin,which is simply a true reporting of the facts of life in Keighley , contained words and phrases which were likely to incite racial hatred and forms one of the key pillars of the prosecution case against him.

The jury in Leeds Crown Court have viewed and listened to the entire speech, as well as the other speech given at Morley Town Hall. Within a day or two the jury will be asked by the judge if Nick is guilty of inciting racial hatred on the basis of these speeches.

The footage which is suitable for broadband users only can be found here.

Whatever the jury decides each and every viewer can make up their own mind - does Nick deserve to face imprisonment for talking about this appalling consequence of mass migration into Britain.